Virtual reality Lasergaming

Utrecht & Amsterdam

Enter the virtual arena with up to six players at once. Three against three, you will battle it out against each other during one of the most advanced multiplayer VR Experiences in the world!

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What is VR Lasergaming?

You are standing on a platform high over an abyss and your enemies are on the lookout. You conquer towers while actively avoiding someone else’s lasers. Hide behind your tower, duck, aim and shoot!
Normally, lasergaming takes place in furnished arena’s, this variant is set on a few physical square meters, while virtually you can traverse a huge arena, impossible to copy in real life! You put the headset on and get immersed the impressive virtual world. As if that is not enough, you can feel exactly where the opponent’s shot has hit you by wearing a laser tag vest. So be careful!

In Short:
  • 4 – 15 persons
  • 1 ticket = 6 minutes VR Lasergaming
  • 4 or 6 tickets per person
  • Haptic upgrades & accessories
  • Multiplayer in several virtual arenas
  • Observers can follow the action live with an eagle-eye view
  • Minimum height: 1.30 meters
Reason #1

3 against 3


With six players you enter a huge virtual world. Discuss a good tactic, conquer the most towers, sneak up on your opponent, shoot straight and defeat the other team!


Reason #2

For the surrounding participants: an ‘arena overview’

You play in rounds of 6 minutes, this means you will swap headsets when you visit with more players. Our arena overview – displayed on a big screen – gives the people not in VR a perfect overview of the battlefield.

Here you can watch the matches just like when you are watching a sports competition, including live scores, game overview, and player positions. You can even assign coaches to every team to ensure everyone is involved!

Reason #3

The game

We offer the game named Tower Tag. This game is specifically developed for location-based entertainment. The game is very intuitive for all ages. It has won numerous awards, such as Best Game Design and Best Experience!

This VR Shooter looks incredible …


Reason #4

The Towers

Our custom designed towers are exact replica’s of their virtual counterparts. The virtual tower that gives you cover, also exists in ‘real life’. This way you see ánd feel your position. Take cover, aim, shoot and win!

Reason #5

Feel the game!

The most impressive thing of VR Lasergaming is that everything feels realistic for the players. You will get completely immersed in the virtual world. You will feel the shots with our ‘haptic vests’. You will aim accurately as the gun model is a replica of the virtual one. And ofcourse we will use the latest high-end Virtual Reality headsets!

Much variation

The beauty of VR is that we can simulate a whopping 6 different levels! We have beginner-levels with a flat clear arena, up to levels with tunnels, altitude differences, (see-through) walls and tactical viewpoints.
We offer 3 game modes:

  • Elimination: score 1 point as a team when you eliminate the entire enemy team.
  • Team Deathmatch: it’s all about the kills – instant respawns – one (wo)man can steal the show!
  • Capture The Tower: communication is key! Find that fine balance between offense and defense – conquer 1 specific target in the hostile zone!

If you come with a competitive party, you can also assign ‘coaches‘, direcing both teams through the arena overview, allowing 10 people to be active in 1 game.
This way, also those who have experienced VR laser tag before will continue to be challenged (during their next visit).

Easy to learn, hard to master!


Overste Den Oudenlaan 9b, 3527 KW
Across from Jaarbeurs Utrecht

La Guardiaweg 53, 1043 DE
Next to Sloterdijk Station & highway A10 

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Do you want to book within 6 hours? Call +31 (0) 88-2266400 for availability!

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